Life in Stupid America

You’re under tyranny.

Jessica Wildfire
6 min readJul 6, 2021

The young mom said, “I’m really scared.”

She should be.

Her family denied Covid for months, refusing to get a vaccine. Then her husband caught the virus.

He’s spent the last month on a ventilator.

The doctors now give him a 50 percent chance to live. If he doesn’t make it, he’ll leave behind three kids. If he does make it, then he’ll limp out of the hospital with soul-crushing debt and a prolonged recovery that drives his family into poverty. All this, because he didn’t listen. He’d never been sick before, so he thought doctors were paranoid.

Videos like this are going viral in Stupid America, where people are finally realizing the importance of vaccines — as usual, after it’s too late. Sympathy for this guy wanes a little when you realize something. Not only did he get sick, he also very likely infected his family — not to mention his friends and coworkers. See, it’s one thing to be stupid and get yourself killed. It’s something else to get other people killed. That’s where a little phrase called manslaughter comes into play.

Actions have consequences, and not just for ourselves. It’s something that America has grappled with over the last year.