Back to Normal? You First.

The rest of us know better.

Jessica Wildfire


Her uncle spilled scalding hot coffee all over his wife.


It happened in the car, because he wouldn’t use the cup holders. Instead, he perched his mug on the dashboard, with the lid off. He thought it was safer. Both times, he blamed her for the accident.

This is a great metaphor to describe a lot of Americans. They refuse to take advantage of the very obvious tools and resources sitting right in front of them. When something awful happens, they refuse to take responsibility. They even blame the ones they hurt.

No wonder we’re in such a mess.

Some people love being wrong.

Some people revel in their ignorance.

Have you noticed?

We’ve been debating anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers for a year now. They started this pandemic telling us Covid wasn’t any worse than the flu. When that argument fell apart, they abandoned it. Next, they politicized masks. They politicized school openings. They politicized vaccines and herd immunity. Now they’re politicizing variants.

Those of us who’ve taken this virus seriously, we’ve been right about everything so far. Covid turned out to be far worse than the flu. Masks turned out to be a simple, effective way to combat the spread. Schools did have to close down. Vaccines did turn out to work well, at least for those who got them. Now variants are breaking through immunity and increasing hospitalizations in states with low vaccination rates, exactly as predicted. And yet, the same crowd insists on opening.

Each news cycle, the stubborn and uneducated get louder. They get more ridiculous. It’s like they enjoy being wrong.

They get off on it.

There’s hundreds of stories about Covid deniers getting sick and dying. It’s so many, I’ve lost count. They show up on the local news. They go viral online. All of them pay a heavy price for not listening.

It doesn’t seem to make any difference.

What will?

Send the anti-vaxxers back first.