Girl, Undiagnosed

Not everyone has the luxury of identifying their disorder.

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Shumskaya Tatiana

Your childhood

Your kindergarten teacher screams in your face. She asks what’s wrong with you. She tells your parents that you’ll grow up to be a stripper, or a prostitute, or a porn star. As if those are bad things.

Your teen years

Somehow you emerge from puberty as a shocking success. Guys stop you at the mall, with your parents. They say things like, “You have nice skin.” You have no idea what this means.

Your 20s

You discover alcohol, and now you can start talking to people like a normal human. Sort of. You make friends and go out drinking. As long as you’re in a crowd, things go just fine.

Your 30s

You find a job with a decent salary. The job requires you to move, and now you have to make a new group of friends. That’s hard, so instead you dive into work. People remark on your lack of a social life.

So what are you?

A specialist says you might be on the autism spectrum. You’re 31, and nobody has ever even mentioned this possibility.

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She’s the funny one.

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