Forget the pursuit of happiness

You’ll enjoy life more if you stop trying to feel good all the time.

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Happiness likes to elude us.

You can chase happiness, but you can’t ever catch it. We’re like cats pawing the red laser dot. We don’t understand where the dot comes from, or why we can’t touch it. We keep trying.

You can’t subscribe to happiness.

Most of us have grown up consuming media that tells us exactly what happiness should look like. You’re supposed to dance in a cornfield on a Sunday afternoon. Whip your hair around. Laugh for no reason. You should spend a lot of time smiling at clouds.

Define happiness for yourself.

Lately, I’ve caught myself throwing around the word “happiness.” The smart part of me thinks I should shut up. Happy is a strange word. You can define it a hundred different ways.

Find purpose, not happiness

You’ll always feel like shit at some point in the day. Tired. Irritated. Disappointed. Bored — like when a tedious task lies ahead. No matter how bad it gets, I always feel a sense of purpose. Doing something that matters.

You can get satisfaction.

Satisfaction’s easier to pin down. We know it doesn’t hang around forever, so we don’t feel so bad when it leaves.

You can enjoy pleasure.

That’s one of the easiest. We come pre-programmed with ways to find pleasure. A happy life has to involve pleasure at some point. Sex. Chocolate. Booze. Just a few examples.

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