Find The Dream Behind Your Dream

Your first dream could be a cheap trick.

Don’t get stuck on your first dream.

Millions of people can’t ever think beyond their first encounter with success. They just won’t let it go. They meet a movie star as a kid, or some Wall Street tycoon. They wed that experience to their idea of stardom.

Find your hidden dreams.

Think of your first dream as the shimmery surface of everything you want. Dive down, and you’ll see a ton of other marine life.

Hardly anyone gets their first dream.

Dwayne Johnson wanted to play professional football. Then he got injured. His team cut him. So he became a wrestler. Then a big-time actor. Imagine if he’d insisted on his first dream.

Love your current dream.

Whatever you’re doing, love the hell out of it. Everything you learn from one dream, you can transfer to the next.

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