The smart way to take risks

You have to juggle chance and caution to get anywhere.

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The smart way to take chances

A toxic version of risk has always lurked through pop culture. Quit your job to pursue your passion. Sell your stuff and travel the world. Dump your boyfriend and jump on a plane somewhere. Anywhere.

When you don’t take risks

My ex-fiance played it safe. His parents raised him that way. Back in high school they wouldn’t even let him drive on the highway. When he finished college, they forced him to quit his job at a major nonprofit publisher and go to law school instead.

You already know what to do

A lot of people wallow in uncertainty just to avoid pain. You’ve already made up your mind. But you don’t want to follow through. Somehow, the space between two possible lives feels safe.

Start with Australia

Fortune doesn’t favor the bold. It favors the smart. Not many people wing their entire life. They plan. Strategize. They don’t risk everything all the time. They decide what to risk and when.

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