Don’t always go the extra mile

Why some things just don’t deserve your best effort.

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Value your own time

Because nobody else will if you don’t. The world isn’t a hundred percent evil. But it’s pretty close. Lots of would-be bosses stand ready to exploit your talent and your can-do spirit.

Sometimes giving your all makes no difference

We like to think all hard work matters equally. Like some fairy godmother’s watching you and keeping track of everything you do. If you never slack off, you’ll certainly be rewarded with a glass slipper.

Sometimes you can cut corners

You should never feel guilty for putting some projects ahead of others. Or phoning it in when clearly nobody else gives a shit.

Take pride in the right things

Sometimes it pays to be a perfectionist. Nine out of ten times, you’ve sacrificed sleep for nothing. You could’ve spent half the hours for the same result.

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