Donald Trump Just Dragged Us All Closer to a Second Civil War

Banning him isn’t enough.

Photo by Chris Hardy on Unsplash

We’re down a path now.

Donald Trump spent the last decade unifying white supremacist groups and militias into one semi-coherent movement. They might look like a bunch of yahoos right now, but they’re organizing.

The legal challenges were a front.

Ladies and gentlemen, we were played again. The last two months of court challenges might’ve looked like a comical farce, but something much darker was brewing beneath all of Giuliani’s theatrics.

Trump has what he wants.

The media spectacle did what it was meant to, which was fueling backroom conversations in every dark corner of the internet. It gave everyone from right wing pundits to militia leaders just the cover story they needed to organize their first attempt at a coup.

We’re out of options.

Donald Trump has to go. It’s a choice between bad and worse at this point. Removing him from office will incite violence, but letting him walk out on his own will only condone and encourage it.

Big tech did too little, too late.

We’re all cheering Donald Trump’s ban from Facebook and Twitter. We’re treating Google and Apple like heroes for finally kicking hate platforms off their devices, when they really did the bare minimum, and it’s probably too late to even make much of a difference now.

We’ve deepened the divide.

There’s another level of fallout to Trump’s disappearance from the internet that we haven’t considered yet.

The problem is bigger than fascism.

Movements like white supremacy and fascism don’t grow in a vacuum. They need a conducive host.

  • Systemic inequality.
  • Political dysfunction.
  • Deep anger.
  • Everyday violence.
  • Widespread mistrust.
  • Overwhelming fear.

There’s only one way to stop Trumpism.

Trumpism will persist long after the man who founded it is gone. Simply put, poor white Americans are going to keep voting for tyrants and causing violence when they don’t get their way. The ones we’re locking up now, they have kids. They’ll grow up thinking their mommies and daddies were heroes standing up to a corrupt government.

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