Donald Trump Has Left The Room. Now What?

It’s time to get serious about the future.

We need to face some difficult truths.

Let’s get this out of the way:

We’ll see a coordinated response to the pandemic.

As we speak, the Biden team is putting an actual plan in place. That’s right, states will no longer fend for themselves and scramble over each other for things like vaccines and testing equipment.

We’ll have leaders who know what they’re doing.

It’s strange to watch cabinet picks like Janet Yellen give real answers to questions during confirmation hearings.

We’ll spend less time on Twitter.

We all know people who’ve spent half the day yelling at their phones. You can’t blame all of that on Donald Trump.

White power will no longer have a sympathetic ear.

Let’s face it, Joe Biden isn’t going to end racism. That’s going to take another generation or more, if it ever happens.

We’ll take overdue action on climate change.

We wasted four critical years ignoring the climate crisis. When we should’ve been reducing carbon emissions on a massive scale, our last president deregulated everything he could and gave corporations broad freedoms to dump all kinds of toxins into our environment. Now we’re out of time, and climate disasters have become a reality.

The economy will come back together.

After almost a decade of gridlock, we finally have a president and a congress who could pass some meaningful legislation.

We weren’t fully prepared for good news.

We spent the last four years watching our hopes and dreams slowly erode under a president who nurtured evermore delusional thinking. Near the end, his alternative facts turned into an outlandish daydream completely divorced from the reality lived by the rest of us.

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