Donald Trump Doesn’t Want or Deserve a Pardon

The 45th president should fend for himself.

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Trump is guilty of too much.

Right now Donald Trump is looking at multiple charges of fraud, sexual assault, and defamation. Once he leaves office, he could be looking at additional charges over abuse of power and obstruction of justice. There’s even an argument he’s guilty of negligent homicide when it comes to his handling of the pandemic.

Trump isn’t ready to accept consequences.

Donald Trump will never admit what he’s done, because he’s incapable of feeling responsibility or guilt like a normal human being. It’s not just about COVID-19. It’s about his blatant racism. It’s about the hate crimes he inspired, and the militias he galvanized. It’s about the violence committed in his name, which he then applauds.

Trump wouldn’t accept a pardon.

There’s another big reason why Joe Biden shouldn’t offer a pardon.

A pardon could make things worse.

Nobody I know really supports a Trump pardon. The argument that it would “heal the nation” falls flat.

You can’t pardon active hate.

A pardon should happen for a good reason: The punishment didn’t fit the crime. They exonerate themselves somehow. The government decides to send a message to everyone else.

You can’t pardon sedition.

Of all Trump’s crimes, his greatest is sedition. There’s ample evidence to prove it. It’s serious business, not to be taken lightly.

Trump is already getting off easy.

We’ve already talked about how unlikely it is that Donald Trump will ever truly pay for what he’s done.

A true pardon would list Trump’s worst crimes.

We can hope for Trump to face a judgment of his own making after he leaves office, but let’s face it. No pardon could ever bring true satisfaction or restitution to Americans.

Biden has nothing to gain here.

Our next president has bigger problems than Trump. He faces a hostile Congress, a divided nation, and a broken economy.

Biden should let Trump fend for himself.

The new Attorney General is the one who will ultimately decide Trump’s fate. Whatever investigations launched into Trump, they won’t be Biden’s personal vendettas. They’ll be chosen carefully.

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