Come As You Are

Face your sexual obstacles and injustices.

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Sex Ed, the DIY Affair

“Women don’t enjoy sex as much as guys.”

“Sex is different for girls. They don’t get as much out of it.”

All the Bad Advice

“There’s nothing wrong with you”

Physical Causes go Under-Discussed

My consent form, of which I have a copy, says, “excision of redundant labia.” Dr. X completely removed all of my labia minora, performed a clitoral hood reduction without my consent, and cut the dorsal nerves of my clitoris. As a result, I have no sensation distal to my scars. The glans of my clitoris is insensate.

— Jessica Pin

OB/GYN ignorance of operative vulvar anatomy is dangerous because they put this anatomy at risk in a number of procedures. It should be known for understanding and treatment of sexual dysfunction, repairs of injuries, surgical treatment of vulvar cancer, and vulvar cosmetic surgeries (“treatment of hypertrophy” where “hypertrophy” is defined in the literature as less than the mean), which according to one survey study, 77% of GYNs offer to patients.

— Jessica Pin

Educate and Empower

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