Big decisions aren’t that hard

You could be overthinking your future.

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Stop bullshitting yourself

Dread and fear tend to inspire bullshit. Back in college, a friend of mine decided she didn’t want to do a study abroad like everyone else. Told me every place on earth was basically the same. So why bother?

You can do both

We tend to think in either/or terms. Doing that can limit possibilities. In my 20s, I thought I had to choose between grad school and newspapers. Freelancing and poetry.

Just don’t do it

Some decisions are permanent. Like having kids. I mean, I guess you can give them up for adoption if you really suck at parenting. But I’ve heard you don’t get a refund. Or even store credit.

Trust your instincts

Lots of big decisions come down to one deciding factor. You can make lists of pros and cons all day long. Most of the time, one big pro trumps everything else. So focus on the big pro.

Stop thinking so much

You might have to turn off your brain to make the most important decisions. Think less. Feel more. Intuition and unconscious reasoning don’t get enough credit these days.

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