Authenticity in the age of bots and trolls

Can you prove your identity and protect it at the same time?

Photo by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash
An excellent starter. This GIF builds some anticipation. You see me smirk and wonder what I’m going to do. Oh, I’m raising a little paper sign. What’s written on the sign? A greeting. Here I am. Who the fuck are you?
A quicker version. I’m on the go. I don’t have time for small talk. Let’s cut the shit. You’ve been pretending to be me. Why?
A little more flirty. You know, when the impersonation doesn’t involve malicious intent. Or character assassination. Hey, you copied one of my blog posts and passed them off as your own. What’s up? Why would you do that? Maybe we can work this out.
This one’s got a little sass. I’m like Detective Doakes from Dexter. Surprise, Motherfuckah! Some pies, mothafuckah! All rise, motherfuckah! Wrong size, motherfuckah! I caught you using some of my pics. Time to have a little chat.
The bad girl GIF. Like when you slide into my DMs, and I’m checking out your feed. You can stay, for now. Don’t try to pull a fast one.

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