Are You Smarter Than POTUS? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

1. The best defense against a hurricane is…

A) Not being there when one makes landfall.

2. What would happen if you bombarded yourself with UV light?

A) It would turn you into a crispy snack.

3. When did The Civil War happen?

A) 1861–1865.

4. What is the best use of our nation’s space exploration capabilities?

A) To explore new worlds.

5. Can you still buy a country from another country?

A) No, we stopped doing that a long time ago.

6. What is clean coal?

A) It’s a process of capturing carbon when coal is burned for fuel.

7. What is the nuclear triad?

A) It means we can deliver nuclear weapons via launch pads, submarines, or from aircraft.

8. What would happen if you injected yourself with bleach?

A) You would die almost immediately.

9. What number comes after 8?

A) 9

10. What’s the best way to deal with a pandemic?

A) Self-quarantine, testing, face masks, and an economic pause.

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She’s the funny one.

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