Are You a Boomer? Take this Quiz to Find Out!

It’s all about attitude, not age.

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1. Have you ever thrown trash out of a motor vehicle while driving?

A) Never.

2. A friend mentions your privilege. What do you do?

A) Have a mature conversation about it.

3. Do you make an effort to tip your baristas and servers at least 20 percent?

A) Yes.

4. Do you talk in movie theaters?

A) Never.

5. People are poor because…

A) Wages haven’t kept pace with economic growth.

6. Someone might not own a house because…

A) They have no expendable income. What they’d normally save up for a down payment goes toward student loan debt.

7. The U.S. birthrate is declining because…

A) Just giving birth now can cost $10,000 out of pocket.

8. Why are public high schools and colleges in crisis?

A) Teachers aren’t paid a competitive salary.

9. Women still make less than men because…

A) Americans undervalue women’s contributions to the workplace.

10. Someone you know tells you they were harassed or assaulted. What should you do?

A) Ask what you can do to help.

11. Should billionaires and corporations pay more taxes?

A) Yes. They benefit from public services like we do.

12. What do you think about guns?

A) We need a smarter set of policies.

13. What do you think is the biggest threat to the world right now?

A) Climate change.

Here’s your answer key…

Maybe you noticed that answers A through C show at least some degree of self-awareness. That means you’re relatively well-informed on political issues. You live in the real world.

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