A Street Guide to Feminism

There’s nothing that controversial about it.

Jessica Wildfire


Some people still don’t get it. You meet these people in real life, not just the Internet. Sometimes, it’s even a woman. One college girl tried to explain to me how society has ruined a generation of men by catering to women and feminism — at the expense of male needs.

Apparently men need a certain amount of power and privilege. Otherwise, civilization comes apart.

Inequality makes the world go round.

A few of my students always show up with a certain attitude toward feminism. They equate it with every evil in the world.

But you don’t have to read cultural theory in French to understand the truth. Feminism isn’t that complicated or radical.

Most people like feminism once they give it a chance.

For starters, let’s agree that men can buy their own groceries. Cook their own meals. Do their own laundry. And even clean up after themselves. At least half of men know how to use a vacuum cleaner. So while we can call these behaviors feminist, it really just comes down to self-sufficiency.

If you’re 16 or older and still make your mom, girlfriend, or wife do any of these things for you on a regular basis, you’re not sexist.

You’re just a lazy dick face.

Moving on.

A feminist doesn’t have to believe in a wage gap with every fiber of their being. But look at the evidence — literally by just googling for it. Plus, given that women haven’t even enjoyed the right to vote for a full century, do you think maybe it’s still possible that women make less money?

Not every woman earns 70 cents on the dollar compared to every man. Economics get complicated. All a feminist believes is that it would be a good idea to create some kind of oversight to ensure that men and women actually make equal pay for the same quality of work.

A feminist believes in consensual sex. Nobody is entitled to it. Any semi-healthy adult who can’t get laid should consider working on their personality. Think about the qualities any sane human looks for in a partner — a mix of looks, smarts, and kindness.