A Little Stuff Can Make You Happy

Rejecting materialism doesn’t guarantee anyone more joy.

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The stuff you want

One of my students asked me for twenty bucks last semester. No joke. Said she needed cash for gas. So I gave her an Andrew Jackson. Yeah, arguably the most famous crook in American history.

The stuff you like having

They say money can’t buy happiness. Or love. Entrepreneurs like telling us we don’t need more dough to feel successful. But without it, we can’t function. Ask anyone with fifty grand in student debt if a little extra cash would make them happy.

The stuff that doesn’t matter

You could take away my smartphone. My laptop. My flat screen TV. Banish me to a cabin in the woods with no electricity. I’m sure I could cope. I’d find happiness despite my lack of my gadgets.

Written by

She’s the funny one. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

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