7 Things Rich People Say That Are Complete Bu11$h!t

People believe them, too.

Jessica Wildfire


Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

I only know one rich person.

He’s my boss.

He’s a Silicon Valley type who somehow wound up working at a university. He says things like, “I’m too smart to do that.” He also says things like, “The money doesn’t matter” and “I don’t need this job.”

I actually know another rich person. He flies to a new country every weekend, while talking trash about teachers.

There’s at least 7 things that rich people say all the time. They say them in books, on podcasts, on blogs, and from the stage of endless seminars that fund their vacations. Their advice is just like all the plastic trash floating in the ocean. It’s pure mind pollution.

We’re better off without it.

Let’s begin.

1. They earned their money.

You see this one everywhere.

The internet is just full of stories about some wealthy 20-something who managed to retire early.

They’re all the same.

They live off their parents, which allows them to invest their entire salary in the stock market for years. Then they launch a personal finance service and start blogging about money.

Next up, you have dudes like Elon Musk, who bash the government despite getting billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies. Our money often keeps their entire business empires afloat. Without that taxpayer support, they wouldn’t even be solvent companies.

Then you have families like the Waltons, whose entire fortunes rest on stolen labor. They pay their workers starvation wages. They actually coach them on how to apply for government benefits like food stamps. They tell them to get second jobs.

Then they slash their healthcare benefits.

Every single one of them goes around saying stuff like, “Nobody wants to work anymore.” They’ve never worked a day in their lives. The only thing they’ve ever done is force other people to work.

None of them earned their money.

They stole it.

2. They have superior genes.