6 Mistakes That Kill Your First Date

And also, what to do instead.

  • Show up on time
  • Don’t brag about yourself
  • Don’t get too personal off the bat
  • Ask her questions (Are you from here? Where do you work? Do you have brothers and sisters? What music do you like? Do you read?)
  • Answer those same questions about yourself

Give your date the PG version of you

This solves the no-win situation of just being yourself. No, you can’t try to be somebody else. But you also can’t show up with all your baggage, religious views, and unfiltered political opinions.

1. Expecting sex right away

You wouldn’t think a lot of guys or girls walk into a date expecting sex or heavy petting. But they do.

2. Judging her tastes and interests

She likes Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. You’re more of an Alice In Chains kinda guy. So what? Deal with it.

3. Trying too hard to sound funny

Now is not the time to practice your standup routine. Real humor is spontaneous. If a joke occurs to you, then say it. Otherwise, don’t try to make her laugh. That’s a suicide run.

4. Telling her your college drinking stories

Honestly, she doesn’t care how wild you used to be. She doesn’t care how many shots you could do in one night.

5. Talking a lot about ex-girlfriends (or wives)

At least save this for the third or fourth date. Talking about past relationships doesn’t impress anyone. We’ve all dated a good bit.

6. Giving her too many compliments

A compliment is a straightforward way of trying to earn someone’s approval, trust, or respect.

Try to relax and have a good time

Just let go of your expectations, and stop trying so hard. It’s just a first date. A first date is really just about establishing rapport.

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