4 Simple Things Men I Know Wish More Women Understood

#3 — they hate the term “alpha male.”

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1. He doesn’t want to pretend to love sports.

Some men don’t like sports. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking football or soccer. They’re just not into it.

2. He’s a demi-sexual.

We still have a terrible habit of assuming that most guys are almost always up for sex, even though this myth has been dispelled more than once. On top of that, some men just can’t see themselves getting involved romantically with someone they don’t see as a friend.

3. He hates the term “alpha male.”

Men who can’t stop talking about their status have issues with insecurity and identity. They need to define themselves by how much of a “man” they are compared to other men.

4. He doesn’t want to fight over you.

Some women unconsciously pit their partners against other men, to see what happens. They’ll flirt. They’ll entertain advances. Some women even “hang out” with guys who express interest in them, while they’re dating someone else. The reason is simple.

You can unlearn toxic gender attitudes.

The world doesn’t need more guys pretending to be action heroes. It also doesn’t need more women encouraging that behavior, even if they don’t realize that’s what they’re doing.

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She’s the funny one. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

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