24 Pieces of Advice that Got Lost in Your Couch Cushions

Pulled from hundreds of articles

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Photo by Alex Gállego from Pexels

1. You have a chorus of emotions

2. Don’t tinker things to death

3. Negative emotions are a resource, not an obstacle

4. One of the best things you can do is change your mind

5. Rest, but don’t ignore inspiration

6. Help isn’t always a good thing

7. You don’t have to love your family

8. Stop trying to be original

9. Don’t feel guilty about your sexuality

10. Morning routines are slightly overrated

11. You have to throw yourself out there

12. You don’t have to do everything culture tells you

13. You have to care about someone

14. Sometimes you have to fix things that aren’t your fault

15. You need someone to prove wrong

16. What you love isn’t always fun or exciting

17. It’s okay to be boring

18. The best revenge is no revenge

19. Quitting isn’t permanent, or even bad for you

20. Curiosity trumps passion (and motivation)

21. You need to get over yourself

22. You will always grapple with unfairness

23. Not everything deserves your 110%

24. Being likable is easier than you think

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